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    On Roots and Shoots

    I would like to know how a tree feels, to be rooted all the time. For my roots grow deep, strong and sure, and then seem to dissolve with one small look. or word. or loneliness. I loll about, then, seemingly untethered, slogging through days or weeks, of alternately looking around every corner for what I have lost, and desperately curling inward, terrified of the light. Even so, with each new inch of root I gain, after, I find them to still be there, waiting for me. Not an apparition, perhaps, simply numb. But there, all along. Still, I would like to know how a tree feels. Anyone else know…

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    Wind, Tears, and Laughter

    The wind sounds as if it is the sea, outside my window. seeming figment, phantom of movement and atoms, swirling about our ears, bringing us to tears. and laughter. The wind in our souls can be brutal, can’t it? There are days my insides feel like a hurricane is not only passing through, but has decided to live permanently in my chest. The wafts of self rejection and judgement and the seemingly endless expectations I heap on myself only add to the frenzy. I am so good at encouraging those gales.  Often, instead of calming them, instead of moving to quiet places in myself, I whip them up higher and…

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    In the cold and dark

    Welcome, dear ones. I know I don’t know you all, but I’m pretty firm in the belief that all humans are worthy, beautiful creatures, so welcome, dear ones. It’s early here as I write this. 5:40 am to be exact. The snow is swirling outside my windows, which are old and let in the cold. And it’s COLD. We’re in the middle of an old-fashioned winter. There’s some kind of statewide emergency and they’ve asked us to all turn the heat down, so I’m huddled up next to our space heater with a blanket and tea on the way. All the cold and dark makes me think about how so many…