Everyday Enneagram Growth

You know life isn’t meant to be slept through. That’s why you’re here. You also live in the real world though – who has time for all that growth stuff? Thankfully, growth actually happens little by little, not all at once, so if you have even 5 minutes, you can start. Click below to get a few suggestions for each type!
"Passionate, wise, integrated and vulnerable are all words I would use to describe Havilah. These characteristics make her a brilliant communicator, leader and friend. For so many people seeking true transformation and growth in their lives, it’s not simply enough to learn from someone with good material, no matter how rich it is — they want to know their teacher has lived it, proven it’s authenticity and wrestled to develop their own path to growth — Havilah is this kind of teacher."
Amber Brandt
Story-Brand Copywriter and
The Cozieness Consultant

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